Free Financial Wellness Calculators

Mortgage Calculators Made Easy

Is it the right time to purchase or refinance a home? Can I afford it? What are today’s rates? How are my unique circumstances and the needs of my family considered? There is so much that enters into a decision about home ownership for you and your family. Having as much information as possible is essential, and automated online calculators are a great start. At Forthright Funding, we help you leverage the power of information beginning with what we refer to as our financial wellness calculators. We offer not just one, but five FREE calculators so you can choose the one best suited to you for VA, FHA or Conventional home mortgages and refinancing.

We not only put these tools at your fingertips, we make them convenient to use. Simply fill in the blanks and hit “calculate.” These automated calculators are connected to the most current market data and provide results with 99.9 percent accuracy. Find out how much home you can afford, estimate your down payment, see what your state’s loan limits are, compare mortgages and much more with the following helpful tools:

VA Down Payment Calculator

In most cases a down-payment is not required with a VA Home Loan.

You’ll find out if you are going to need a down payment based on the VA Loan Limits. Please note that this calculator assumes that you have ALL of your eligibility available.

FHA Mortgage Insurance Calculator

This is a quick way to calculate up front mortgage insurance, monthly mortgage insurance and monthly payments.

VA Max Cash Out Calculator

You’ll discover how much cash you can take out of your home by tapping into its existing equity.

VA Funding Fee Calculator

Find out what your one-time VA Funding Fee will be for this self-funded Veterans Affairs loan program.

Loan Limit Calculator

Learn if you need a conforming (conventional) loan or a jumbo loan based on the conforming county limit for the financed property.

ARM Rate Calculator

Find out if a variable interest rate applied to your VA, FHA, or Conventional loan is right for you.

The information these calculators provide gives you a snapshot, but it’s just the beginning. We understand each loan is personal and yours is no exception. So it’s natural to have questions and request more information. As you fill in the blanks in the calculator, you’ll notice (with most calculators) other sources of information in the blue bars you can click on to learn more.

You’ll also see the options to either complete a loan application, if you’re ready, or request more information. Feel free to pen your comments and connect with our caring team of experienced mortgage professionals. We’re here to help complete the picture to help you understand your options and determine next steps. The best decision is an informed one.

With information and personalized service, we support you in finding just the right home loan at the right time for you to buy, refinance or consolidate debt. And live the American dream.